Mayo Civic Center  ē  July 10 - 12, 2015

Cost: $160

Registration Opens January 15, 2015

A Steubenville Youth Conference is primarily an invitation to spiritual growth. From some this means entering into a personal relationship with God for the first time. For others, this means a deeper and more mature acceptance of the gospel and the Church and a greater zeal to be a witness for Christ.

The conference weekend is about developing the gifts given at Baptism and sealed at Confirmation. Itís about hearing dynamic speakers instruct and challenge teens in: prayer, chastity, service, and the power of the Sacraments. You will discover that Christianity is not for the weak and timid; it is not a crutch; and it is not boring! It is about meeting hundreds of people on fire for the Lord: laughing, crying, talking, singing, praying, dancing and being encouraged to take a stand for Christ.




Here are just a few thoughts from people who have attended a Steubenville North Youth Conference: