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What is a Steubenville Conference?

The Steubenville Youth Conferences, an outreach of Franciscan University of Steubenville, are a series of 25 conferences across North America that help teens encounter the love of Christ every summer. Our mission is to build the Church by evangelizing, equipping, and empowering God’s children to become radical and joyful disciples. For more information about the Steubenville Conferences,  visit steubenvilleconferences.com.

What are the responsibilities of group leaders and chaperones?
  • Understand beforehand any health or special needs those in your group might have.
  • Monitor health and safety of teens.
  • All teens with first aid needs must be accompanied by a chaperone.
  • Be present with your teens throughout the weekend.
  • Facilitate small group discussions.
  • Monitor dorm rooms and enforce “lights out”.
  • Before leaving the dorms for the weekend, check for cleanliness and items left behind.

Adult Chaperones must 21+ and be Safe Environment trained and background checked to the specifications of his/her home diocese.

What are the safety protocols for the conference?

We work closely with Lewis University to ensure the safety of all.

What is the chaperone ratio?

Each group must have at least 1 chaperone for every 8 youth. All chaperones must be 21+ and safe environment cleared.

Priests are not able to serve as chaperones.

Where do we stay for the weekend?

The Joliet Youth Day is a one day event and will not have housing accommodations provided. Group leaders are responsible for booking hotel rooms for their group if needed.

What is Share the Glory

This ministry is to organize a project that will allow the teens who attend the event to give back to the local community. A local nonprofit organization is selected and a wish list of items to donate is prepared. Teens are invited to bring an item from the wish list with them to the event to donate to the selected organization. Where possible, the nonprofit selected will be one that has a connection to the Conference and/or is one that is relevant to teens.

Can 18 year olds attend the conference?

Yes, 18 year olds are welcome to attend with your group as youth. 18 years old are considered teens and do not need to complete safe environment to attend the conference.  If they are 19-20 they will be categorized as “young adults” and can still accompany your group, but they will need to complete their safe environment training (according to your diocese) with your group and will be roomed separately.


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